NRL Round 25 Wests Tigers vs. Canterbury Bulldogs Betting Tips and Predictions

NRL Round 25 Wests Tigers vs. Canterbury Bulldogs Betting Tips and Predictions

The Canterbury Bulldogs were always near last for the entire season. However, the Bulldogs hope to use their prospective recruits to see themselves to the top eight in the next season. On the other hand, the Tigers are currently in 13th place.

The Tigers also show promising results as they enter their game against the Bulldogs. Recently, the Tigers defeated the Panthers with a 30-16 score a few weeks ago.

Despite the Bulldogs being on a slippery slope throughout the season, we can still expect this game to be a high-intensity match between the two teams. Since both teams have nothing to lose, both teams will be exerting the most effort to redeem themselves from this season.

Nevertheless, the Tigers are still the favorite to win here, primarily because of their last three games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Is NRL popular?

Currently, the NRL receives over 1,456,000 people watching the games during the weekend. The viewers’ age ranges between 35-39 years old.

Q2: What are the newly updated rules in 2021?

If there is an injury in the field, the coach can request a stoppage to treat the injured player. However, the injured player is only allowed to re-enter the game after two minutes.

Q3: What position is number 13 in rugby league?

The player in the 13th position is the Loose forward or the lock forward. This position usually goes behind the team during a scrum. The Loose forward is usually the most skillful player or playmaker.

Author: Billy Morris